What is body panel replacement? Does my vehicle need it?

What is body panel replacement? Does my vehicle need it?

What is body panel replacement? Does my vehicle need it?sBody panel replacement is done when a particular section of the vehicle has been severely damaged and it will be more economical to replace that whole section than to repair the damage. Because vehicles are made up of sections that can be removed and replaced, this is a sensible option for many vehicles that have been damaged in collisions. At Perfection Auto Refinish, our technicians are highly experienced with flawlessly completing body panel replacement at our Memphis body shop. Here's a look at some of the common types of body panel replacement.

Hood Replacement

If a hood has a bad dent that can't be easily popped out, it will probably make the most financial sense to go with replacement. Also, if a hood has become crumpled in an accident, then replacement will likely be the best option.

Door Replacement

Doors have many moving parts and electronic components. So when a door is damaged in an accident, it's generally best to replace rather than repair.

Bumper Replacement

Bumpers are designed to absorb impact, so when an accident occurs, they often become significantly deformed. When this happens, replacement is typically the way to go.

Fender Replacement

Though some people use the terms "fender" and "bumper" interchangeably, they're actually different. Fenders, which are sometimes called front quarter panels, are the section of the car that starts at the front of the front doors and goes over the forward wheels.

Trunk Lid Replacement

When a trunk lid is damaged in an accident, it's typically best to replace it because this can be done at a rather low cost and in relatively little time.

Body Panel Replacement in Memphis

When you need collision repair in Memphis and the surrounding area, contact Perfection Auto Refinish at (901) 245-5358 to schedule an appointment. At our nearby body shop, we can meticulously conduct body panel replacement, as well as any other type of collision repair. And feel free to use our convenient online estimate tool!

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Posted: September 2021

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